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By: Filipina Womens Network

Daly City, Ca, August 29, 2011:  The Filipina Women’s Network has selected officers of the Philippine American Press Club, U.S.A. as three of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. for of 2011. They are Esther Misa Chavez, President of the Philippine American Press Club, U.S.A (PAPC), and U.S. Director of Sales of; Henni Espinosa, ABS-CBN Senior Reporter and former Vice President of PAPC: Jossie Alegre, PAPC Auditor and Accounting Operations Manager at the Public Utilities Commission of the City and County of San Francisco.
The 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the United States Award™ is a celebration of leadership, inspiration and achievement.  It honors Filipina women who are changing the face of power in American communities, organizations and the workplace said Marily Mondejar, President of FWN.
The awardees are divided into five categories: Nicole honors Filipina women in the U.S. whose words, actions, and activism, inspire others to act and revolutionize our society`s way of understanding traditional beliefs and customs. Founders and Pioneers honor Filipina women in their capacities as the chief executive, president, executive director or founder of a United States based company, community organization, non-profit, or business venture that they helped start, build or significantly grow. Behind the Scenes Leaders recognize Filipina women who, though they may not have the big title or corner office, are a driving force behind the success of their U. S. based employer or community organization and who have gone beyond the call of duty to devote time, energy, and resources to support their organization. Innovators and Thought Leader recognize women who have broken new ground through vibrant, energetic presentations of critical ideas, transforming the way people think, in business and in the fields of sports, literature, the arts and pop culture, or have improved the lives of others by helping develop a product or service in the fields of science, engineering, technology, biotechnology or medicine. Builders & Emerging Leaders have either made their mark or making their mark in a large workplace environment, demonstrating competence and leadership.
Behind the Scene Leader: Henni Espinosa is a senior reporter for Balitang America, the only daily Filipino-American newscast aired worldwide through The Filipino Channel (TFC), and a ten-year broadcast journalism veteran. Some of her most memorable stories include the San Diego wildfires, the San Bruno blast, the Filipino workers and their struggle for fair wages and benefits, the undocumented Filipinos and their search for stability in America and the Filipino veterans and their fight for full equity, among others.  Henni has been awarded the Jose Rizal Bayani Award by the Northside Community Center in San Jose and the Media Hero Award by BAYAN-USA in San Francisco. 
Founder and Pioneer: During her early years as an immigrant, Jossie Alegre broke many barriers – she was the first Filipina to become a commissioner in Oakland and served as an advisor to the mayor; member of the Board of Trustees at Oakland`s Children`s Fairyland, and served as Board Member of the Oakland`s Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. Positions no Filipina ever held. She also was the first paid commissioner of OCCMI, and elected president of the Governmental Finance Officers Association (GFOA) East Bay Chapter. Alegre is founder of FEUUSA Alumni Association.
 Builder and Emerging Leader: Esther Misa Chavez, U.S. Sales Director of is a pioneer in sales and advertising in the digital space. Chavez began her online experience in 2002 as publisher representative in the U.S. for now known as, the online version of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Esther has grown the North America business, at the same time connecting corporate America with the emerging Filipino American market. Prior to joining, Chavez was an advertising manager of Filipinas Magazine wherein she brought entrepreneurial experiences she has had in the past. Now on her second term as president of the 23 year old Philippine American Press Club, U.S.A. she has enlarged the influence of PAPC whose members belong to the premier Filipino American media companies in print, radio, TV and the internet that has a combined monthly circulation of 3.5 million.
The 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. Award™ is a working recognition award, a dream with a meaningful purpose: double the number of Filipina women leaders by 2012. The awardees are asked to femtor a protégée and return with her to the Pinay Power reunion on August 30,2012 in San Francisco.
“Pinay Power 2012 began in 2006 with a dream to inspire, inform, and advance Filipina women leaders who would influence the Filipino American community’s future. It provides a critical pathway for successful women who care about advancement, achievement, and significance,” said Elena Mangahas, board chair of Filipina Women`s Network.  “These women are not only talking about change, but plan to be part of making it happen. 
Among the 97 Finalists are Rear Admiral Eleanor Valentin, Cristeta Cammerford, Monique Lhuillier, Cheryl Burke, Jossie Natori, Vanessa Minnillo, Odette Keeley, Perla Daly, Janelle So, Sheila Burns, Jennifer Ablan, Lynda Borromeo, Gemma Nemenzo, Susan Po Rufino, Pearl Parmalee, Ethel Mercado, Marie Romero, Pat Gacoscos, Evelyn Dilsaver, Judge Betty Buccat, Agnes Briones, Leslie Guevarra, Christina Laskowski, Vellie Dietrich-Hall and Amy Chua.
“FWN will honor these amazing women at a gala dinner awards celebration on Friday, October 14, 2011 at the Stanford Court Rennaisance Hotel in San Francisco,” said Marily Mondejar, president of the Filipina Women’s Network. “The awards gala is the highlight of the 8th Filipina Leadership Summit from October 13 through October 15.  Awardees often share this inspiring evening with their daughters, sons, mothers, grandmothers, young women and men from their organizations.”
For additional details concerning Pinay Power 2012 and to attend the Filipina Leadership Summit, call 415.935.4396 or go to    


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