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Invitation to Join WFA-PAPI

By: Romeo Lagahit


Worldwide Filipino Alliance  


Pangdaigdigang Alyansa ng Pilipino, Inc

SEC Registration No.  CN201129108

Rm 409, Central Plaza Building, JP Laurel Ave Davao City, Philippines

Tel / Fax No.. (+6382) 305 9485

RESOLUTION  NO. 05-03, Series of 2011













    ANNOUNCEMENT / INVITATION for membership to the Worldwide Filipino Alliance - Pangdaigdigang Alyansa ng Pilipino, Inc. (WFA-PAPI) is hereby presented to all officers and members of Worldwide Filipino Alliance 2010, Inc. (WFA 2010) pursuant to WFA –PAPI Board Resolution No. 05-03, Series of 2011, passed during its first board meeting and attended by all members on May 7, 2011 at its principal office in Davao City, Philippines, to wit:



WHEREAS, WFA 2010, where all the present Board of Trustees-Incorporators of WFA- PAPI are also members, has undergone serious organizational setback that is beyond reconstitution and repair despite various efforts to do so, vis-à-vis SEC requirements;


WHEREAS, WFA-PAPI was organized as a non-stock, non-profit corporation and voluntary non-governmental organization (NGO) and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission under SEC Reg. No. CN201129108 on April 18, 2011 to take the place of WFA 2010 in the homeland and;


WHEREAS, WFA-PAPI has adopted and taken upon itself  the original purpose and goals of WFA 2010 for the empowerment and development of overseas Filipino workers and their families, and advocacy and linkages of patriotic Filipinos worldwide;


WHEREAS, being a voluntary NGO with new juridical entity, it is but proper for the Board of Trustees to invite all existing officers and members in good standing of WFA 2010 to join the WFA-PAPI within a specific period of time.


WHEREFORE, be it resolved as it is hereby resolved to pass a resolution inviting all previous officers and members in good standing of WFA 2010 to join WFA-PAPI within 30 calendar days from the date of posting of an official Invitation/Announcement for such purpose in the WFA website, WFA membership and WFA-PAPI online discussion groups;


RESOLVED FURTHER that after the 30-day Invitation/Announcement period, all previous officers and members of WFA 2010 are deemed members of WFA-PAPI in accordance with its Articles and By-Laws; PROVIDED THAT, objections to WFA-PAPI membership may be raised in writing/posting in the WFA website, WFA membership and WFA-PAPI online discussion groups within the said period;


RESOLVED FINALLY, that membership fees of those who opt not to become members of WFA-PAPI as acknowledged and certified by the Corporate Secretary of WFA –PAPI shall be returned accordingly.




* * * * * * * * * *

Enacted and passed this 7th day of May 2011





              Certified Correct:                                              Attested:

                        MARIA FE JAGNA                                    ROMEO L. LAGAHIT
                      Corporate Secretary                                              President




Date of Posting:  September  4,  2011


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