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WFA Jeddah Acknowledges Donation from the CPW, Inc USA

By: Arman Muleem and Col Butch Moreto

Arman Muleem, in behalf of the Filipino Community in Jeddah. today acknowledged a generous donation of US$550 remitted by Col Butch Moreto via Western Union to help distressed OFWs in Jeddah KSA.


He has assured that every single cent will go for the purchase of foods, medicines (for colds, diarrhea, etc) and milk (for the kids and infants).  All purchases will be covered with receipts/invoices which will be scanned and e-mailed to the donors and concerned subscribers of WFA.


He further stated that the concern for our less fortunate compatriots defied description.  A deluge of runaways is expected as more than 6000 have registered their intention to be deported in the coming days.  Thus, they are appealing for more concerned Filipinos to also open their hearts and give whatever they could for no amount is so small to make a difference.



The CAVALIER CYBER PRAYER WARRIORS MINISTRIES FOUNDATION, INC.   in the USA is a non-profit prayer ministry group (officially registered as a foundation corporation with the Secretary of State, California) that was organized by Col.  Butch Moreto, PMA `54 and Head Servant, Cavalier Cyber Prayer Warriors eleven years ago in 1999. . The members are former PMA combat warriors trained in the Spirit of the Bayonet but now converted to prayer warriors in cyberspace committed to the Spirit of God.


They are One Hundred Twenty Two Christians (122) of various denominations and a few Muslim Brothers who pray together. Due to their mantra of "Radical Humility" and MIssion Statement of "To Pray, To Care, To Comfort" - they do not advertise but will gladly tell people what they do for humanity if needed. During Typhoon Ondoy in 2009, CPW collected 41 balikbayan boxes of clothing and blankets for flood victims and fed 11,434 hot meals to hungry kababayans mostly children in the flooded areas in Metro Manila, without media coverage.



The initial CPW and WFA donation of $550 using Western Union was remitted via wire transfer to the Jeddah Knights, CORLITO OBTINALLA, an OFW Engineer based in Jeddah, and ARMAN MULEEM, another OFW who is the Executive Vice President of the WFA.  



CPW’s deal with Jeddah is based on Gentleman`s WORD OF HONOR sealed by virtual Hi-Five slap of hands in cyberspace (no written documentation) and Pinoy Brotherhood.  They shall be accountable to CPW which shall also be accountable to the donors and the Internal Revenue Service during audit. Everything is based on mutual trust.


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