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WFA`s Stand on The 2010 Elections/Candidates

By: Cesar Torres

"Simpao is hoping to gather more support when the campaign intensifies. Groups such as the Worldwide Filipino Alliance and the Movement for Good Governance are considering support for his candidacy simply because he is going against Mrs. Arroyo, he says."

The policy in the WFA NGO is that any member can support any candidate of their choice.  But the NGO is NOT going to come out with an organizational declaration supporting any candidate or a political party. Our President, Atty Cita Borromeo Garcia is practically toxic with her continuous exhortation for Senator Aquino.  I just don`t know if she is supporting all candidates of the Liberal Party from Batanes to Sitangkai. But even if she is the WFA NGO President, it does not mean that she is speaking for the WFA NGO.

In the same manner that if I extol Roger Bantiles as my favored candidate for Councilor of Davao City, Sarah Balabagan, Rudy Dianalan, Risa Hontiveros, Gracia Plazo, Toots Ople and Gwen Pimentel as candidates for Senator and in Samar Eunice Babalcon and Dr. Dominador Cabanganan for Board Members and Banny Alli for Congressman, I am not speaking for the entire organization of WFA NGO even if I am a Trustee, Chair of the Membership Committee and Acting Chair of the NGO.

Cesar Torres


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