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General Jose Comendador`s Proclamation of Counsellor Lolita Farmer as Chair of WFA, Inc.

By: Cesar Torres

Dear Colleagues,


based on the total number of votes cast, 44 out of 68 members,voted(4 abstained) and majority, 42(OUT OF 46 or, (91.3%)favored the election of ATTY LOLITA Farmer,(AUStralia) to be the chairlady of the Worldwide Filipino Alliance,


By the powers vested in meas my last official ac as chairman I hereby proclaim the election of ATTY LOLITA FARMER effective this date to replace outgoing chaiman, JOSE B COMENDADOR WHO has irrevocably resigned as chairman also effective this date, 11 November 2010


“YOU HAVE THE CONTROLS,” LOLIT Like what I used to tell my co-pilot whenever I turned over the flight controls to him  to ensure that one of us is flying the aircraft.he is required to respond “I HAVE ‘em”


CONGRATULATIONS, LOLIT, WISH YOU ALL THE BEST and colleagues, thank you for all your support during my watch Please welcome your new chair, ATTY, Lolita Farmer. Thank you all and warmest regards, bye

Gen. Jose B. Comendador, AFP (retired)

Below is a brief resume of the Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Inc.`s new Chair who has replaced General Comendador. I supposed it is effective November 12, 2010, Philippine date and time. 

The terminal date of her chairmanship will be based on the existing policies of the Securities and Exchange Commission and whatever applicable rules the WFA NGO has.

General Comendador had been grappling with his Internet connection in Quezon City. He thought that he had transmitted his Proclamation on the 11th in the Philippines. His computer system showed that the message was posted. In reality it was not sent. A lesson for all of us, depending solely on the Internet and email. Some of the glitches of the Internet.

By authority of two other Members of the WFA Board of Trustees:

Cesar Torres
Chair of the Online Election of the WFA Chair


Lolita Farmer OAM 




Lolita is a lawyer by profession having studied law in Australia and runs her own legal practice.




In 1981, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the award Order of Australia Medal (OAM) to Lolita in recognition for her services to the immigrants’ welfare. The following year 1982, she was one of the Ten Outstanding Filipinos Overseas in the area of Humanities.




Her government state and federal appointments are ten years of service at the NSW Equal Opportunity Tribunal hearing matters on all types of discrimination. She has held positions as member of Australia’s National Women Advisory Council and NSW Women Advisory Council. While living in New York Lolita represented the International Pan Pacific and South East Asian Women Association which holds consultative status with the United Nations ECOSOC as its NGO United Nations Representative.




Currently she chairs the Parramatta Granville Showground Reserve Trust with tenants such as the International Speedway Racing and the Helicopter Services. She was President of the Federation of Filipino Clubs which lobbied for the Filipino language radio program at the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) from the Federal Australian Government.




During her term as President of the Philippine Community Council of NSW, Lolita was instrumental in establishing The Filipino Austalians Trust Banks in partnership with Opportunity International Australia which lends loans as capital to the poor who cannot borrow from banks as they have no assets to back them up.




Lolita belongs to the NSW Law Society Speakers Bureau and often is asked to speak to Australian Women’s Groups on issues of interest to women.




The list of awards she has received comes from real people, ordinary people with extraordinary contributions from all walks of life. As the Founding President of Global Filipinos Australia Incorporated, Lolita has accepted the challenge of hosting the 5th Global Filipino Networking Convention in Sydney in September 6-8 2007 with the invitation to all to participate and celebrate in this big event which takes place during the APEC leaders meeting.



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