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Updates on Latest WFA Initiatives as of 25 October 2010

By: Cesar Torres

1. On Creating a Delegation for Peace which might have gone to the Netherlands and where some people had already volunteered to defray the plane fares of some prospective members of the delegation, like Nes Duldulao, like Ms Boots Fua, and others; and people like Rev Mark Alegre was interested in joining the delegation, I think this is already academic with the resumption of the Peace Talks between the GRP and the NDF. So this issue is closed.

2. A Proposal from our heroes in the Middle East that a Hospital for OFWs might be constructed, two persons have accepted some responsibility for developing the concept -- Mr. Fortunato Esguerra in Jeddah and Ms. Cynthia Estrada in the Homeland. I don`t know about others. We are hoping that this will dovetail with the proposal of Dr. Jimmy Galvez Tan that we Filipinos in Diaspora extend help in rehabilitating some Health Centers in some depressed regions of the Homeland and if the Filipinos in America can assist in reforming the Health Care System in the Homeland. Dr Greg Mariano is helping craft our the outlines of this advocacy.

3. Kind friends in Gugma Han Samar Cyberspace Movement have come out with two projects -- to help the family of two malnourished and emaciated children in Samar. This is in addition to one other thing that they have started.

4. The Bayanihan Foundation of Dale Asis in Chicago must be preparing its funding assistance to the impoverished community in Tucuma.

5. On Assisting the Makilala Project -- Monching Bunag, Banni Alli, Boy Ridao are in touch with the people who can extend help to Makilala.

So that`s where we are. At least may closure and status reports ang mga pinaguusapan natin dito.

Cesar Torres


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