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WFA Facilitates Financial Assistance to Family of Slain Marine

By: Cesar Torres

Atty Cita Garcia, Ms. Susie Abenojar Barbieri, Arman Muleem, Dr. Mariano, and Dr. Pagarigan, WFA and the WWW:


Ms Chay Dionco is appraising the father of the Lt Cordero, Mr. Allan Cordero, of what we have decided to do to remember the heroism of his son who died in Sulu defending the integrity of the Republic of the Philippines.

Lieut Cordero was one of the Marines who helped in the Silya Para sa Patikul project, which was headed by Ms. Susie Abenojar Barbieri.  Some 600 chairs and other school furnitures were donated to the high school. We did this when we learned that the high school kids would still attend classes even if they had to lean on the walls because there were no chairs. Somehow, we learned about this. So under the initiative of Mr. Cayetano Santiago, a Bulakeno who is now in Arizona, a former teacher at the UP`s ISWCD, an initial amount of P35,000 was donated to start the project.  Donations mostly from UP alumni were sent to Chay Dionco who was our foot soldier in the Homeland.  And then, Susie who was then in Seoul became our No. 1 fund raiser. Pati anak niyang 13 years old would bake cake, selling them to his classmates to raise funds.

When the 600 chairs had been constructed with the labor being provided by the school PTA, the kids, and the soldiers, Susie went to Patikul, Sulu to turn over the chairs.  She was accompanied by Ibno Hajar Turabin, now a candidate for congress in Basilan and Bobby Tanchoco, a classmate of Senator Gordon. It was there when she met Lieut Cordero.

A few months ago, we learned that Lieut Cordero died in an encounter in Sulu. The soldier was supporting the nursing studies of his two sisters.  They are supposed to be currently reviewing for the Board. But for lack of funds, only one is enrolled for the review. The other one is not enrolled yet.

We are requesting Chay to request the Nursing Review Center to extend a discount to the two sisters in the spirit of helping them for the sake of Lieut Cordero.  She is in the process of doing this.  In the meantime, she will be handing an initial amount of P4,000 coming from Susie, Dr. Mariano, Chay, and yours truly.  The amount donated by Dr. Albert Pagarigan will follow. I will try to talk to the father of Lieut Cordero tomorrow, before Saturday.

Or perhaps, to save on long distance calls, our WFA folks in the Homeland, should do this.  Madame President? Will you?

(taken from an email sent to the Worldwide Filipino Alliance Yahoogroup)


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