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For the families of the Victims of the Kademonyohan in the Ampatuan Massacre.

By: Cesar Torres

For the families of the Victims of the Kademonyohan in the Ampatuan Massacre.

Ang pinakabagong development is Cenin Monreal in Southern California, a Cebuano, who was a soldier, fighting his fellow Malays in Southern Philippines, has volunteered to coordinate this in Southern California.  So we now have two Coordinators. The other is Susie Abenojar Barbieri for Paris and Europe.


Cesar Torres

Mga Igso -- to use the word of someone who reminds me of Pascual Racuyal, always a candidate for President sa Bangsa Kasukuan.  Mr. Fernando, palihug please, kindly ask the Holy Ghost kung totoo nga ang panaginip ko na the soul of Pascual Racuyal was not given permission by St. Peter para mag incarnate kasi bababa daw siya diyan sa Kapulo-an na ang dami dami ng mga maka-Diyos, pero sila mismo mga busabos or supporting mga busabos at mga Trapos, aka pampunas ng mga maduming orifices sa Payatas, kahit anong orifice -- I made some minor changes to this fervent appeal. 

Since we shared this appeal in the egroups and in Facebook, lima na ang nangyari dito  -- galing kay Dr. Greg Mariano from the US East Coast, si Linda Nietes of "Philipine Expressions" in LA, the lovely Malou Mariano from Southern California too, that chubby lady from the Silicon Valley who is competing with Dado Banatao as the most popular Noypi in the Silcion Valley, Loreto Quevedo Dimaandal, and the gentleman in Southern California, "Admiral" Cenin Monreal, who volunteered to work with Malou Mariano to beg for $1, $5, $10, whatever.  And in Europe, Paris to be exact, Susie Abenojar Barbieri has pledged an amount and has volunteered to coordinate the project there.

Iyong 16 years old na anak ng isang biktima doon sa kademonyohan sa Ampatuan Massacre, sent me a private email.  He is here. Sabi sa akin: "Sir, sana iyang mga mahihilig mag post sa WFA Dakdakan Group ang mga walang awang pinagpapatay ng mga demonyo na galing Rwanda.  Hindi si Nanay at ang mga walang kasalanan." Of course, wala akong masabi, except offer words of comfort. And to inform him, na lahat ng mga posters sa mayroon din silang mga tinutulongan na mga kamaganak. Pero hindi ibig sabihin na wala silang paki-alam dito, walang walang sakit na nararamdaman in sympathy with the victims and their families of that monstrosity in Maguindanao.

Incidentally, medyo may nangyayari na dito as far as the possible project is concerned.  Iyong mga kaibigan na mga peryodista ni Roger Bantiles, iyong aming kandidato for Councilor in Davao, Roger who is so brilliant, a fervent nationalist, so honorable, that in his poverty, minsan talbos ng kamote at ginamos lang ang kanyang tanghali-an at hapunan, kasi hindi siya kawatan, mayroon na silang binubuo. Unclear pa rin.  Pero nagiging palpable na.

Anyway, I am reposting this appeal. I just changed the date. Now it is Araw ng Pagibig. I remember what Anita Sese and I did. We begged for assistance from our friends. Pinapunta namin ang world famous UP Staff Chorale sa Payatas to do a mini concert for the children of Payatas. This was in February 14, 2004. Tumulong si Meann Pineda Gonzales na magcoordinate ng mini concert na iyon.


February 14, 2010
Still from Cyberspace

But lest we forget in the midst of our merrymaking, we in the Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Inc. are begging for your humanity and your compassion. We are reaching out to you to join us in sharing a little of ourselves, the little that we may have materially, something insignificant but which encompasses our totality, the hugeness of our compassion and pity and our magnanimity as human beings.

We, in the Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Inc., have a little amount, just P25,000, just about US$600. Of this amount, P18,000 was provided by a kind soul, an alumnus of the University of the Philippines, a faculty member in one of the universities in America and the rest provided by our Kalahi in Arabia who provided 35 boxes for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy, as well as our nurses and other kind people in America.

Our Heroes and Heroines in Arabia thought that they only sent to our WFA NGO account, P7,700, but by a miracle the amount was actually P12,000.

So from all over the world, we in the Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Inc. have been able to pool an amount of P25,000. Indeed, a small amount, not enough to buy an Armalite or a Kalashnikov or a Fal. But symbolizing our unity with the goodness of the rest of mankind.

This is the paltry amount that we are sharing with those left behind â€" the orphans, the widows, the grieving mothers and fathers, the brothers and sisters â€" by those brutally murdered by the minions of Evil under the direction of some demons in human form in the


We need to formalize this with the Leadership of the Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Inc. Baka madagdagan pa. Pag makahingi si President Cita Garcia from the CBCP or Pondong Pinoy at mga Catholic-controlled banks.

The details of our compassion will be crafted by our Trustees, Dato Roger Bantiles and James Zamora, hopefully with the assistance of Ms. Fairudz "Rose" Ibrahim Ebus, Executive Director, Mindanao Tulong Bakwet [MTB], Inc., a young Maranao, Abul Alibasa who is a fervent advocate of the Movement for Peace in Mindanao and Basulta and Aveen Acuña Gulo whose tear ducts have dried up unable to shed tears anymore due to her crying at what our people have suffered in Mindanao and Sulu. They are all from Mindanao.

We are hoping that the Global Coalition Philippines, a Chicago-based NGO, whose Executive Director, Dale Asis, has pledged to match whatever amount we can generate for livelihood projects and for other humanitarian projects, can match any amount that we can finally raise to help the families of the victims of the

Whatever amount you can give, please help. It does not matter how much. Please send them to our WFA Members in Europe, in Japan, in the Middle East, in Hongkong, in America, and other parts of the world. We will provide their addresses in the next email.

In the United States, perhaps you can issue your checks to the United Way of the Bay Area, "For the Assistance of the Filipinos" in the Philippines. In our tragic Homeland.

Happy Valentine na. Share your love but not your bad VD with the families of the victims of the
Kademonyohan in the Ampatuan Massacre.

For all of humanity and the Worldwide Filipino Alliance,

Thank you very much.

Cesar Torres
Acting Chairman
Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Inc.
(510) 334 7611 (Mobile Phone)



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