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A Get Well Wish

By:Q. Lambino Doroquez

A Get Well Wish


Dedicated to: Cesar Torres



We all get sick—not everyone makes it;

Med’cine aside, those who do yet suffer,

For getting well is but getting half lit

In one’s fight to leave a leg’cy forever.

The braves, not meeks whose hearts’re faint,

Care not whether they lose or prevail

As they fight to win in their life stint

Triumph at no count of their travail.

Get-well wishes come not just from friends,

But sometime heart-felts are frowned,

For a get-well wish is all not a sheen

In one’s desire to make it not a forlorn.

And Cesar’s is a flaming dream,

High up I hold the torch with its flame.



Q. Lambino Doroquez

Copyright ©2013 Q. Lambino Doroquez

All Rights Reserved


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