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Happy New Year !

By:: Eduardo Gimenez

With every entry into a new year is the question:  “Will this be my last”?  It isn’t a morbid question because of where it leads.  This year was the last for twenty little children in Newtown, CT.  How would they and their parents have lived the year had they known it was going to be the last for their little child?  For sure they would have lived their lives differently.  Curiously, the major difference would have been in how much joy they would have crammed into the year had they known it was going to be the last.  Joy.  There is nothing morbid about joy. 


It isn’t about how much joy the parent can get from his little child’s final year.  It’s about how much joy he can give his child in his last year on earth.  So the contemplation of our end-of-life should be about how much joy we can bring to others. 


Will this be my last?  I don’t know.  But I’ll sure as heck live this coming year as if it were my last.  I’ll try to squeeze every drop of joy from every waking moment.  Not joy for me.  But joy for all who I can reach.


I love you.  Happy New Year to all,



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