To be elected, nay, practically to be acclaimed, to the top post of the Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Inc., an organization whose members are scattered in the four corners of the world -- bonding together, interacting with each other, and deciding major policy issues through the Internet -- is a challenge whose magnitude has not totally seeped in to the innermost recesses of my mind yet.

Aside from the fact that the members of our organization are scattered in seven time zones, the implications are indeed tremendous.  When I pause and reflect that I am a relative new-comer to our organization, I feel weak in my knees to be entrusted with the responsibility of providing inspiration, initiative, and leadership to such an organization. It is not only mind-boggling, it is also humbling; and honestly, spiritually ennobling too.

I am not glossing at my responsibility and the concomitant expectations arising from my exercise of my duties. But as a Filipino concerned deeply with the situation in the land of our birth, we need to move on. In this voyage in uncharted territories, we have to cast away our fears and anxieties and to fortify our resolve.

Therefore, mixed with trepidation and insecurity, I am nevertheless accepting the job of steering the wheel of the Worldwide Filipino Alliance ship. We cannot do otherwise. We are inspired with our crew of courageous, skilled, determined and highly-motivated Filipinos in Diaspora and their fellow advocates in the homeland. 

So I say:  "All aboard, mates. Hoist the sails, lift the anchors, and charge 'em raging waters so that we can fulfill our destiny!"


Congratulations to our tireless colleagues who put up this WFA website. Needless to say, I am awed by the kind of devotion that many of us have demonstrated in the pursuit of our goal - that of helping the motherland


Where some of our "reliable" colleagues have waned and lose heart, we steadfastly continue to show true grit in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, unselfishly pouring precious time, talent and resources in a quijotic quest to achieve a just, prosperous and peaceful society - our legacy to the future generations.


We stumbled, fell and rose; we shall stumble, fall and rise again and again, picking up the pieces where we last fell because we know that too much is at stake. We can not afford to fail; it's not an option


Let no despair extinguish the flame burning in our hearts.

Chairman Emeritus

Core Program

The core program of Worldwide Filipino Alliance is to provide overall support to Filipinos in the Diaspora as they move from recruitment, remittance generation, reintegration, and retirement (4 Rs). 

WFA is committed to work closely and actively with Filipinos in the Diaspora by engaging them in

  1. advocacy work
  2. financial literacy program
  3. livelihood projects
  4. systematic savings and investment programs
  5. and sustainable and organic retirement strategies



Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Inc. (WFA), is an Internet-based group organized by concerned overseas and homeland-based Filipinos who wish to assist in the development efforts in the homeland and uplift the welfare of our brethren working and living abroad. WFA faces a multitude of challenges considering that its membership come from all over the world.

WFA was conceptualized  in response to a felt need by concerned overseas Filipinos to help improve the conditions in the homeland. The WFA aims to serve as the action center on convergent common concerns and issues that may need referrals for immediate attention/action by concerned government agencies for the benefit of the 11 million Off-shore Filipinos and their 55 million On-shore relatives.

WFA is still in the midst of firming up its global organizational structures and processes. But while grapping with the challenges of time and space, of communicating with each other across various time zones, it has started working towards the achievement of its lofty dreams and goals.

WFA is confident that given support and inspiration by government, it can help the country. The challenges are many, but if we persevere, we could assist in the alleviation in the suffering of people due to extreme poverty. And keenly aware of the critical call of the times, addressing environmental degradation


WFA Interim Board of Trustees and Officers

1 January 2011 to 31 December 2012




Rogelio Bantilles

Romeo Lagahit

Emmanuel Roldan




TERRITORY I – Middle East and Africa


Jesusa Barbieri

Corlito Obtinalla




Chona Bollos

Amanda Bueno

Counselor Lolita Farmer


TERRITORY III- North and South America


Rev. Mark Alegre

Ramon Brion III

Cesar Torres



CHAIRPERSON – Counselor Lolita Farmer, OAM


PRESIDENT - Cesar Torres


SECRETARY GENERAL - Rogelio Bantiles




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